Be Careful When Using Another’s Photo Or Image

A Seattle Times newspaper article alleges Fox News inappropriately used a photo from a Times article posted last week about a controversy over women-only hours at a public pool. The Seattle area women requested female-only pool times. Fox allegedly aired a story about a swimming pool in another state that had set aside hours for Muslim women. Fox supposedly used the Seattle Times photo taken at the Seattle area pool in a story about the “growing influence of Sharia law in the U.S.”

Using someone else’s photos or other images is a risky proposition. Many people are under the misimpression that if a photo or other artwork is posted on the internet, they are free to use it for any purpose. The Fair Use Doctrine allows for limited and reasonable uses of another’s copyrighted work. Fair Use does not mean free use. The safe approach is first getting proper permission before using someone else’s image or photo.

By Robert Hawkinson