Suing Donald Trump Was Bad Idea

Ex-Miss USA contestant told to pay Donald Trump $5M files malpractice suit against her former lawyer. Too many people feel all they have to do is sue a wealthy person and there will be a handsome nuisance case settlement forthcoming. This doesn’t often work. The plaintiff’s lawyer should have realized Trump wouldn’t just roll over and pay. Trump knew if he did so, it would encourage others to sue him. Trump has the money and lawyers to fight back hard, and he did. According to the ABA Journal article, the woman’s attorney was absent during an arbitration hearing and failed to present evidence. The judge refused to vacate the $5M arbitration award, and now her attorney is facing a big malpractice claim. Depending on the insurance policy limits, there may not be enough money to cover the $5M owed to Trump. In that case, the young woman would be on the hook for the difference.

By Robert Hawkinson