Our Non-Traditional Law Office – Better Service and Fees

Our law office has moved on from attorney and staff working in a fixed location open all day. The old model requires extra staff to ensure someone is on site at all times and paying rental on the additional space. This extra cost is passed on to clients. My light bulb moment came just before Christmas 2010 – my office is really wherever I am at the moment!

A frustrated client called my cell phone while I was shopping at the mall. It was the last day for him to sign very important real estate closing documents. The lender’s documents had a handful of revisions the client had never seen before. He was not comfortable signing without legal advice. The closing agent e-mailed me the changed pages, which I read on my smartphone. Accessing the original documents negotiated with the lender on my sphone, I compared the changes to the originals and called my client back within 20 minutes. I told him to go ahead and sign as the changes were not substantive. The client was ecstatic.

We still maintain a smaller physical office where we meet clients, but we are not there 100% of the time. We do our work in many locations, including our office, shopping malls, on ferries, at clients’ homes and businesses, coffee shops, senior living centers and court. We have combined a physical location with a virtual office. This has greatly improved service to our clients. It also has cut down our overhead, which helps keeps our fees reasonable.

Do you want or need a traditional law office so you can walk in at any time, or do you want better service and accessibility, faster responses and more reasonable fees?

By Robert Hawkinson